Guideline for the full paper submission.

1. Please be noted that the full-paper submission is optional. With abstract acceptance, you are welcome to give your presentation in TIChE 2023.

2. In full-paper submission, to avoid the redundancy of paper preparation, the organizing committees decide to have two types of submission. Please choose one of the following, 

  • 2.1 Full paper submission (6-8 pages) for the proceeding of TIChE 2023 (we hope to finish the process within April 2023). Please follow the full-paper template --> click
  • 2.2 Full paper submission (recommend 8-12 pages) for the SEHS journal indexed by SCOPUS (This will need a longer processing time, please make sure that you can wait). Please follow the author guidelines --> click

3. In full-paper submission, please submit via Microsoft CMT by editing your submission,

  • 3.1 In Actions, click "Edit Submission"
  • 3.2 Please update your title and abstract (if prefer)
  • 3.3 In "FILES", please submit three files as follows,
    • 3.3.1 Abstract file (ms word) --> (please make sure that you have updated the file correctly as this will be included in the book of abstract)
    • 3.3.2 Full-paper file (ms word)
    • 3.3.3 Full-paper file (pdf)